CCCBR Sponsors an ART Award for University Societies!

cccbrThe Central Council of Church Bell Ringers has chosen to sponsor an award for University societies!

The ART Award for a University Society that has made a Significant Contribution to Promoting Ringing to Younger People”.

I’ve heard the prize money will be significant (possibly £500) and “…may be spent in a flexible manner, to be agreed with the winners, so that value is added to the group / activities undertaken by the winners“.

artlogoAmong other things, this could include hiring a mini bus or tower donations for tours, recruitment material or even hiring a mini-ring for open days or freshers’ fairs.

Don’t be put off by the long application form: University Ringing Societies 2017 Application Form. Just write down anything that makes you proud to belong to a university ringing society such as:

  • Is it a friendly and welcoming atmosphere?
  • Is it the fellowship and sense of belonging?
  • What encourages you to go along to the society events?
  • Does everyone (experienced & less experienced) feel included in events?
  • Was your freshers’ fair particularly successful this year?
  • (silly question I know) Do you go to the pub before/afterwards?
  • Have you had a big influx of novice freshers & you’re training them?

It would be great to demonstrate to the whole ringing community what University Ringing Societies do & that we matter too: / @uniringing!


…for more information and advice how to enter:

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