University Chicago Guild Change Ringers

North American Guild of Change Ringers

University Chicago Guild Change RingersDuring the school year, the University Chicago Guild Change Ringers are in the tower on Sat from 10:30–13:00 & Mon 16:30–20:00.

When is practice? We practice year-round, typically twice a week during the academic year and once a week in the summer.

How do I find you? Mitchell Tower is in the Reynolds Club at the intersection of University and 57th street. Look for the stairs by Hutchinson dining commons up to the WHPK radio booth. At the top of the stairs is a house phone with the bell tower extension. Dial the extension on the wall (2-4980) and we’ll come down and show you the way up.

Visiting peal bands are invited to spend time at the tower for quarter peal attempts. Email Tom Farthing at to get in touch.