Nottingham University Society Change Ringers

Nottingham University Society Change Ringers

scruffy: Nottingham University Society Change RingersThe Nottingham University Society Change Ringers (NUSCR) are church bell-ringers, mainly from the University of Nottingham, but those from Nottingham Trent University are also welcome. We have members ranging from the absolute beginner to those who have been ringing for years, and all levels of ability (and enthusiasm!) in-between.

Ringing takes place at All Saints Church, Radford. Finding the church from campus isn’t all that easy so a group of people will loiter on the Portland Steps in the first weeks of term to direct new members.

Nottingham University Society Change RingersPRACTICE NIGHT: Tuesday 7:00 – 8:30 pm (term time)

SUNDAY SERVICE: 10:00 – 10:30 am

Nottingham University Society Change Ringers also attempt a number of quarter peals and peals during the course of the year. Please check the website for further details.

Naturally, there is more to NUSCR than just bellringing, and our calendar is full and varied.

For some idea of what we get up to, take a look at our reports page for a taster.

Nottingham University Society Change Ringers


scruffy_2: Nottingham University Society Change RingersI am Scruffy, Nottingham University Society Change Ringers’s (NUSCR’s) resident mascot and I try to watch over every practice and service that NUSCR ring for. Sometimes I even try to turn up to tours although some of the 9am starts are a bit much for me.

It is my job to look after the tower and try to scare all the pigeons away, although the latter bit is harder than it sounds! Recently I discovered the internet and now I try to email all NUSCR current members weekly to keep everyone informed.

As far as experience goes I’ve been learning for as many years as ive been with NUSCR (too many to remember) but have not progressed very far. I tend to sit out and let other people ring but I have tried my hand at some basic rounds and call changes.

scruffy_3Finally I wish to tell you all about the outings I have been on; with NUSCR I have enjoyed many trips. Most can be read about in the reports tab; my personal favourite however is the annual NUA. This is a wonderful event and I get to see and compete with all the other society’s mascots.Being the best mascot is very morale boosting but as the others know this occasionally I am the target of underhand behaviour! As always, I rise above it as the superior being.

NUSCR love, Scruffy