University Bristol Society Change Ringers

University Bristol Society Change Ringers

Coming to Bristol as a new fresher? Are you a bell ringer already? Have you never rung a bell? Do you like meeting new people and drinking on a work night?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then come and join the University Bristol Society Change Ringers! We welcome all students from the University of Bristol, the University of the West of England and all other higher education institutions in Bristol.


How do I join the University Bristol Society Change Ringers (UBSCR)?

We ring weekly during term-time at St. Matthew’s Kingsdown (Tuesdays 19:30-2100), then we go for a friendly drink at a near-by pub. We also ring for their Sunday service 17:50-18:30, which is followed by another friendly drink! We’re lucky in that we can ring at several other towers, including the ones listed below.

St John-on-the-Wall (6 bells, 11cwt) St. Matthew’s Kingsdown (Tues term time 19:30-21:00) 8 bells, 22cwt
St James Priory (10 bells, 27¼cwt) St Philip & Jacob (Pip’n’Jay), 8 bells, 19-0-11 (Tues 19:30-2100)
Lord Mayor’s Chapel (6 bells, 9-3-13) St Michael on the Mount, Without (6 bells, 12½cwt)

We cater for all abilities at practices – we ring anything from rounds to eight spliced surprise major, as well as giving handling lessons to those who are just beginning to ring.

We frequently ring quarter-peals before practices or Sunday ringing, as well as the occasional peal! These are to help members progress with their ringing, or just for general enjoyment! They can also be another excuse to go to the pub!

All University of Bristol Society of Change Ringers members are welcome to go to the ‘city practices’. Some students frequently attend St. Stephen’s (12 bells, 19-1-17) on a Monday night and St. Mary Redcliffe (12 bells, 50-2-21) on a Thursday night. Both practices cater for all abilities on 12 bells. If you’re really keen it is possible to ring every day!