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For your association to get the most benefit from students who may be coming to join you in ringing, please have a look through this website to check the information we hold. If it’s out of date, or if there is nothing for your area and you have a university, then please let us have updated information. The following form allows you to do this…

Do you need to update, change or add more information to your entry?
We are looking for the following information:


  • Is there an active university society at the moment (it does not need to be official)? If not, which is the neighboring ringing society or association?
  • Which tower(s) do you ring at?
  • Do you have a practice night? If so what times do you ring? What pub do you go to after!?
  • Where do you ring on Sundays & what times do you ring?
  • Does your society have a website & does it have an RSS feed? Does your society have a Facebook group or Twitter feed?

There are lots of ways to recruit new ringers/existing ringers and ways to promote your society. The following article explores some of these options: Student Recruitment.

Please fill out the following form and someone will get back to you… Alternatively email: .