Bath University Society Change Ringers

Bath University Society Change Ringers unfortunately folded due to dwindling numbers but all towers in the branch are more than happy for students to join their ringers! Below is a guide to central towers in Bath which are probably more suited to students (location-wise):

Blessed Virgin Mary, Bath, Bathwick (10 bells, 18-3-20) Wed 19:30-21.00
Abbey Ch of S Peter & S Paul, Bath (10 bells, 33-0-25) Mon 19:30-21.00

St Mary BathwickWednesday, 19:30-21:00, Sunday 9:15-10:30 (by arrangement), 10 bells, 18-3-20

Bathwick is probably the most active tower in the branch, with the most members. The bells are nice and easy going; ringing ranges from rounds and call changes to Surprise Royal. Sunday morning ringing consists of a quarter peal, usually made up of those present and willing from Wednesday’s practice. The tower captain is David Hÿtch.

Bathwick tends to be the tower that most students congregate towards; probably because it’s closest to the bottom of the hill from campus! The entrance to the ringing chamber is through the blue door nearest the roundabout and up around 30 steps.

Bath AbbeyMonday 19:30-21:00, Sunday 10:00-11:00, 10 bells (anti-clockwise), 33-0-25

Bath Abbey hosts one of only two anti-clockwise rings of 10 in the world. They are not as easy going as Bathwick but they have a nice old sound and are rewarding once you get the measure of them. The other reason to go to the Abbey is for the brilliant views over Bath – although you have to climb some 120 steps to get to the ringing chamber! The tower captain is Will Willans.

Due to the Abbey’s location, the doors are locked 10 minutes after the Monday practice begins, so you will need to be there promptly. The ringing entrance is on the opposite side of the Abbey to the Roman Baths, next to the taxi rank, and is marked with the ringing times. Ringing during the practices ranges from rounds and call changes to Grandsire and Stedman Triples/Caters. Sunday morning ringing starts at 10:00 for an hour and is open to all. For those not staying to the service, Cafe Nero awaits straight afterwards!

Bristol – only a 10 minute train journey away, so their many practices are easy to get to. The UBSCR is a very active student society & are very welcoming towards Bath students.