Northern Universities Association Change Ringers

Northern Universities Association Change RingersSister to the Southern Universities Association of Change Ringers (SUA), the Northern Universities Association Change Ringers (NUA) is an informal grouping of northern university change ringing societies in the UK who meet annually for a weekend, usually in November. The official reason for the meeting is a Striking Competition.

The various Societies usually arrive at the venue on a Friday evening, where a local tower may be open for ringing and a pub will be available for socialising. The Saturday usually consists of a ringing tour during the day, with the Striking Competition held during the afternoon (most often on six bells). The Saturday evening consists of entertainment such as a Ceilidh and beer. During the evening the Boat race game may be held. The Sunday consists of recovery & travelling home.

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Eligible universities

Those universities north of a line from Cardiff to The Wash are usually considered Northern as regards the NUA/SUA. However, since 2000, Bristol have been known to attend both the NUA & SUA.

The host Society is decided at the previous year’s meeting during a usually heated debate. The Society who gives in first or offers has the opportunity to arrange the following year’s meeting.

Previous Hosts

Year Host Dates Striking Competition Winners Boat Race winners
2017 Nottingham 11-13 Nov facebook*** Sign up to the Facebook Event! ***
2016 Sheffield #NUASheffield2016 …more details! 11-13 Nov York Leeds
2015 Leeds 13-15 Nov ** details here! **
2014 Warwick 14-16 Nov Leeds Leeds
2013 Liverpool 15-17 Nov Bristol Leeds
2012 Manchester 16-18 Nov Leeds (with Bristol Scratch placed first) Leeds
2011 Birmingham 18-20 Nov Leeds Nottingham (Double Handed)
2010 Durham & Newcastle 19-21 Nov Bristol Nottingham
2009 York 20-22 Nov Newcastle (with Edinburgh Scratch placed first) Nottingham
2008 Leeds 21-23 Nov Durham Nottingham
2007 Nottingham 16-18 Nov York (with Liverpool Scratch placed first) Leeds
2006 Warwick 3-5 Nov York Nottingham
2005 Manchester 18-20 Nov Birmingham (with Liverpool Scratch placed first) Birmingham
2004 Sheffield 19-21 Nov Birmingham Sheffield
2003 Liverpool 14-16 Nov Bristol (with Nottingham Scratch placed first) Liverpool
2002 Birmingham 15-17 Nov Bristol (with Cambridge placed first) Liverpool
2001 York 16-18 Nov Birmingham Nottingham
2000 Leicester 17-19 Nov Nottingham Sheffield
1999 Durham 19-21 Nov Nottingham
1998 Nottingham 13-15 Nov Nottingham
1997 Newcastle 14-16 Nov Nottingham
1996 Leeds (held at Knottingley) 15-17 Nov (Not Run)
1995 Sheffield Nottingham
1994 Manchester Nottingham
1993 Nottingham
1992 Birmingham
1991 Liverpool
1990 Leeds Birmingham B (with Birmingham A placed second)
1989 Durham
1988 Birmingham
1987 Sheffield
1986 Manchester
1985 Newcastle
1984 Birmingham
1983 Sheffield
1982 Durham
1981 Manchester
1980 Newcastle
1979 Birmingham