North American Guild of Change Ringers

North American Guild of Change Ringers

The North American Guild of Change Ringers is a voluntary organization of change ringers and friends of change ringing in North America.

Are you at or going to university this year? Congratulations!! Why don’t you try bell ringing?

What are the purposes of the Guild?

  • To improve communication among ringers in North America
  • To improve the standard of ringing in North America
  • To improve contact between its members and ringers outside North America
  • To extend the appreciation of change ringing among the general public
  • To abide by the rules of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Although there have been change ringing bells hung in North America since 1744, and bands of change ringers have been active in locations as far apart as Quebec, South Carolina, Illinois, and British Columbia at various times since then, by the middle of the 20th century, change ringing on tower bells had nearly died out on this continent and records of change ringing on hand-bells are correspondingly scanty.

In the early 1960’s, there were only seven active towers in the USA at schools in Kent, Groton, and Chicago and in Canada at churches in Calgary, Mission, Vancouver, and Victoria. Excitement about the installation in 1963 of change ringing bells at the new National Cathedral in Washington, DC, however, energized ringers around the continent and discussions about forming a guild to support, improve, and extend change ringing in North America began.

North American Guild of Change RingersFind your university below & contact them to find out more about practices etc… If you can’t find your university then unfortunately there probably isn’t a ringing society available. Please contact the North American Guild of Change Ringers for more information.

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