uni: ringingWhere a university bell ringing society is not available, the local tower and/or association has been listed instead – these can be found below.

If you can’t find your university or region, they can probably be found in this list: More Societies. Alternatively fill out the following form and we will endeavor to help: New Student!

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The Central Council’s Public Relations Committee needs your help to maximise the recruitment and retention of ringers when they go to university.

We currently have details of ringing in around 75 university towns and cities. But with universities in over 100 communities across the United Kingdom, we would like to improve our coverage. And, of course, even the best website is of no use if no one knows that we’re here!

We would be grateful if you could help us in three ways:

bell ringing1) Students Arriving: for your association to get the most benefit from students who may be coming to join you in ringing: please have a look at the website to check the information we hold. If it’s out of date, or if there is nothing for your area and you have a university, then please let us have updated information (there is a form you can fill in at Update Your Entry.

2) Students Leaving: For ringers in your area who may be going away to university: please tell them about this website – and how enjoyable university ringing can be.

3) Student Information: For anyone who wants to know about ringing for students: please could you put a link to somewhere on your website? We want the site to be easy to find – and (broadly speaking) the more links there are to a website, the more likely it is to appear at the top of a Google search. Your link will make a difference!

It’s not just that students have a lot of fun when they ring at university: we all know of highly competent ringers who have abandoned ringing when they go to university, and never restarted.

The exercise cannot afford to lose ringers when they become students, so it is in all our interests to keep ringers involved as they move on to a new and different stage of their lives.